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Looked etched, not stamped. Can yougive me the value, year, and maker of these spoons. These companies formed, merged, separated, folded and absorbed by each other. There are lots of online sellers with their own stores and with Ebay stores and listings. Watrous the nephew of Asa Rogers Jr.

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This means if you wish to sell it it is going to be harder to find a buyer. Marra M is a scholar member and an all time top contributor at Artifact Collectors. The pattern you have is a fairly common one that was made by many many makers and usually does not have a special name. There are a number of makers of silver both sterling and silverplate that use the Rogers name.

Depending on how much your piece weighs even if it is sterling, it probably would not fetch you a great price just for its silver value on its own from someone like Arch as a precious metal refiner. They are in all likely hood silver plate. Hi, I have some silverwear marked wmrogers with a star on one side and an eagle on the other and the pattern is Flair. Besides doing a few at home tests, you would really need your items looked at by a professional to know.

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That does not sound like a rogers piece. Rogers, Gilbert Rogers and Wilbur F. List of Companies with Rogers in the name.

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What year does this date back to? Have no idea what to do with it. It has been in the family a very long time and I do not have any other pieces. Can you give me any clues?

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An advertisement claiming the superiority of Wm. Larry, The odd shape could be beacuse they are not teaspoons but another serving piece. Even if your piece is sterling, we typically do not take one piece to refine, example of profile as it is not worth the cost for us. How do you tell if its silver plate or what? The firm was acquired by Wm.

Silverplate Patterns

  • Brass, Italy on the bottom.
  • They are from the same maker, William Rogers Mfg.
  • The firm was known as manufacturer of jewel boxes still pictured in Sears catalogs in Information courtesy Joanne Wiertella.
  • Why would these silver companies plate silver over a lower grade silver?
  • My boyfriend bought a spoon ring from a flee market in Pennsylvania.

What were these companies using most, copper, nickel, brass, or even iron? The note in the box says Daybreak. Just seem to be from something different than what I see on all the websites. Your item was made by a silver plate company but is not plated it is a unique alloy created by the company and was sold as a lower grade item that skipped the plating process. To me it doesn't look as old as the cartouche seems to indicate.

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New Haven Conn with the number below the mark. Just looking at it suggests so. Your thoughfulness to share your years of research with the rest of us is so special, grapevine aa dating and made my own so much easier. It has claw shaped feet and a roll top.

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Trying to find out its worth and history. The plating is about all gone looks like brass base metal. For the carving set, because the handles are not made of precious metal we would not be able to provide a return on the deer horn handles that you describe. It does not have a major market.

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That you very much in advance for any info you can help me with. Thank you so much for your time. That means if you have knives or weighted serving wear, we would want that weight separate. Please give me some information on this set. The firm was one of the original companies to become part of International Silver Co.

Hi Kathy, Thank you for you question. Can you give me any information on it? This piece of hollowware is probably in a common pattern. Ihave an silver spoon with the word Mother on it, norske dating sites is it worth anything? These two match with leaves and dots.

  1. Chn ages show in a couple of rogers drum forum is a few minutes.
  2. Id this silver or silverplate?
  3. Can you confirm any of this for me please?
  4. These are tough ones for use since we are not experts in silverware.
  5. In William Rogers bought the spoon manufactory.
  6. At least, or so, I would like to believe.

1847 Rogers Brothers IS Silver Value

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Please feel free to start the process and fill out our Request Estimate Form. Please send me your contact info to ltaylorexpress gmail. Hi, are they dating buzzfeed I've got a pair of fork and knife with the following markings but I'm unsure of it's origin.

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Meet other eBay community members who share your passions. If you want replies shell out money for an appraisal company. Jerri unconventional, public speaker. You are right about the knives.

Newer Post Older Post Home. In Meriden Britannia Co bought the hollowware division. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. How to tell real silver from silverplate when it's Oneida? Jim Daddy, It is most likely silverplate unless it is marked as sterling.

This will give you an approximate age range. We have several other large, beautiful pieces that we know are silverplate, but these we are wondering about. What sort of collectibles did Hubley Manufacturing Company produce?

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