Sprinkler timer hook up, how to replace a lawn sprinkler timer 12 steps (with pictures)

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My wife and I would switch off, her with a narrow shovel or trowel to sweep away the dirt I dug up, giving me a break from swinging the mattock. Make sure to unplug your transformer from the wall, if you have an indoor system, or turn off the power to the timer at the breaker box, if you have an outdoor system. There is also a certain distance and correct size of wire to be used to carry the correct load.

Sprinkler timer hook up
Installing & Wiring Sprinkler Valves

Specifically, you want to write down the specific days scheduled for watering, the start times and how long each zone is scheduled to be watered. Be sure to write down which wire went to which valve. Run the wire above ground when you get to the timer, and secure it to a wall or other surface to keep it from getting snagged. To energize the solonoid valve for my sprinklers. Measure your water flow rate to determine the size pipe that should run from your supply source to the control valves.

Once we had the length right, it can be cut and later buried. If possible, buy the same model and brand as the controller that was already in the system. Turn the controller on and make sure all zones are working properly. The controller only sends a volt charge to the valve solenoid and usually only to one valve at a time in sequence. The only problem, and a small one at that, psychology dating test is the timer only allows one zone to be on at a time.

You can buy a system with a set number of circuits or put together any number of circuits. Take one wire from each valve, twist them all together to connect them, and use a water-resistant wire cap, usually pre-filled with a silicon-based sealant to prevent corrosion. Labor was taken care of in feeding my family dinner and keeping them hydrated, in part with beer. Get a timer that has enough stations for the number of sprinklers you have.

How to Install a Sprinkler Timer

Reconnect your wires as they are labeled and reprogram your controller with your watering schedule. On top of saving money, I have the satisfaction of knowing I did the work, by my own hand. For the hand trenching, I highly recommend a cutter mattock. Now you are ready to disconnect the wires.

Sprinkler timer hook up

It took most of the day to trench, apps for dating according to the plan. Install a shutoff valve just prior to the control valves. Release the tab so it has a tight grip. Unscrew the wire caps connecting the wires if there are any and untwist the wires.

Irrigation & Lawn Sprinkler System Answers

Connecting the wires from the valves is surprisingly simple. Now is a good time to upgrade to a better more feature rich timer. Specifically, standing water from the sprinklers and how the area around the foundation was graded. The axe head part of the mattock was surprisingly perfect for digging into the ground and cleaving small rocks, while the adze part allowed me to make the trenches deeper. Use that volt-meter to verify the power is not reaching the controller.

Orbit Irrigation

Old system need to replace some of the componets where do I search for them also need diagram showing how system should work. Feed the station wires into your timer and plug them into the proper zones. You can see the new water valves we installed in the bigger box to the left in top part of the photo.

Sprinkler timer hook up

My suggestion is to thoroughly plan out everything beforehand, rather than having a general idea, or, like me, you will have to do more work in the long run. Label the sprinkler wires with pieces of tape. Hopefully this will help you get started. Twist the ends of the wires of matching colors together so the current can run between them.

How to Install a Backyard Sprinkler System on a Timer (6 Steps)

The original timer, put in by the landscaper provided by our house builder, is pretty complicated. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Luckily, replacing a unit is easy to do as long as you have a few simple tools. Also label the common wire connected to the common connection and the pump start wire if you are using a pump.

Make sure the timer unit that you purchase has the same number of stations as you need for your sprinklers. Our sprinkler supply store should have all the components you need just use the search feature in the top right corner of the home page. Then you can adjust these settings later as you find that the yard is getting watered too much or not enough. Masonry bit, singles christian if drilling holes in stucco.

Sprinkler Warehouse

Sprinkler timer hook up

With the sprinklers running and hooked up to the timer, I feel like a water wizard, able to control water with a button press. We decided to focus our efforts on the sprinklers, as I could do the drip zones myself. Go into the settings of your timer and set the current time and date so your sprinklers will run at the correct times.

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You will probably get blisters, even wearing gloves. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Hitting a water pipe is not my idea of a fun weekend.

If your timer uses a wi-fi connection, you can set the program from your computer or mobile device. You will likely have one or two circuits turn on at a time. Email required Address never made public. Upload a picture for other readers to see.

Installing & Wiring Sprinkler Valves

The chain got stuck multiple times and took some percussive maintenance with a rubber mallet to get the chain realigned. From the T-joint, which should be pointed down, use funny pipe to connect to the sprinkler head, with an elbow on each end. Mount the timer to the wall with screws.

How to Replace a Lawn Sprinkler Timer 12 Steps (with Pictures)

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  • As it stands, my backyard still looks like that last photo.
  • First, if possible, it makes your job easier if you can write down all of your existing programming from the old controller.
  • These can be installed at any height, but you must first install a separate code-approved backflow preventer prior to the in-line valves.

Make sure the correct day, month and time is programmed first to keep the controller accurate from day to day. My backyard was once a riverbed, with many rocks. Locate the black, white, and green power wires in the unit and match them with the power wires that run out to your sprinklers. Photo instructions included. The exterior controller has a transformer inside the cabinet, and must be hard wired into the power supply.

  1. With the changes to that area, I also had to factor in the foundation of the house itself.
  2. Turn on the power and test the sprinklers to see if the timer works.
  3. Sprinkler system controllers come in interior or exterior models.
  4. For example, one may be used to control an array of micro-sprinklers or drip emitters for a flowerbed and containers.

How to Install a Backyard Sprinkler System on a Timer (6 Steps)

Your timer should have mounting screws in the middle of the unit on the top and bottom. With me as a freelance writer and her as a teacher, having my family help made it possible to still pay bills. Did this article help you? These instructions and cautions were straightforward and in plain English! Simply by twisting the head, polnische dating seite we could change the arc.

Orbit Irrigation

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