Mac and dee dating in real life, want to add to the discussion

10 Things You Didn t Know About It s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

After hearing the story, Mac infers that Charlie's mom must have been a prostitute. Well, they did just retire another long running joke in the most recent episode. She legit liked Charlie for Charlie. Dennis is actually a murderer, Frank is Charlie's actual father, and Mac being in the closet are the big ones that come to mind. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

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Waitress cheats on Charlie with Cricket. It would have to be pretty special. At one point, she assaults a bum she finds masturbating in the alley behind Paddy's. Later, at the pharmacy, Dennis apologizes to Caylee and tells her that his grandmother took a turn for the worse.

There are also a number of even more subtle hints throughout the series linking Mac to the Dayman. Rob works on this show year round, I do other things and work on this show two months out of the year. Often times he seems almost willfully ignorant of the world around him.

He doesn't have a trustworthy face like Frank's tho. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. Show would jump the shark if they had a relationship. Oh my god, I thought it was hilarious. Oh wait, I think you may have taken the parallel universe joke as an attack or something.

And if Mac finds a nice guy to be happy with. Now, all of this could just be throwaway jokes and me stretching for a theory, but Sunny is known for having incredible continuity and callbacks. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia character. Actually, I think he misses it, I think he would love to do it again. Yeah they definitely do, married and all that.

It's okay to dislike a theory but it's not okay to dislike a person because they don't agree with you, so please treat people with respect. So, yeah, vancouver mayor reportedly dating chinese they definitely make fun of me all the time for getting hurt. Or what we think is great. Are you from a parallel universe?

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Mac and Dee

He's also shown becoming sexually excited when Charlie shows where on a naked doll the gym teacher allegedly touched him. But according to Mary Elizabeth Ellis's instagram the Waitress will be in the season finale. Plus he actually climaxed when he saw Brian LeFevre's severed finger.

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Like the other members of The Gang, Dee drinks heavily, often hoping to calm herself when meeting an attractive man. The first and most obvious clues are found in the lyrics that directly describe the Dayman. But we do have a lot of fun together. Despite her many insecurities, Dee is aggressively outspoken and is prone to violence when angered.

You guys will be present at her wedding day. Her father Frank is the only one who considers Dee a true member of The Gang. He also spontaneously does karate when he's excited and he even incorporates it into his dancing. Welcome to Reddit, christian the front page of the internet. This is seen again in the season nine episode Mac Day.

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This just suggests that Dennis is deranged. Upon first glance there seems to be no single person that represents the Dayman, but when examining the series as a whole there are a number of clues as to the Dayman's true identity. Actually, he wanted us all to try and gain as much weight as possible, and to be fat, and he wanted Danny to get super skinny. No, I think that Rob is hilarious.

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Want to add to the discussion

One of the longest running ongoing jokes of the series is a character called The Nightman that Charlie invented in the season three episode Sweet Dee's Dating a Retarded Person. That's what a real woman does. He promised me, and I really believed him, that that is what they wanted to do. Dee decides to make Ben jealous by flirting with a real carny, but the carny stabs her with a key.

  • It's not often they just have jokes just for a joke.
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  • Additionally, she is often ridiculed for her resemblance to a bird by the rest of The Gang, especially Dennis and Mac.
  • The Brian LeFevre theory is one where people actually think he killed someone, but I'm torn between thinking he really did kill someone or he's pretty damn close.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. FanTheory - A theory regarding past or present works. Relative to the rest of The Gang, Dee seems to drink more and be drunk more often.

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If you were going to hang out with any of the characters in real life, who would it be? Her life keeps getting shitier and shitier to the point where being with Charlie is actually a step up, so she very hesitantly goes on a date with him. Really that's the best part of the whole waitress thing is it's a real life husband and wife and the wife is just spouting hate and disgust at him.

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  1. The weirdest thing is people getting our faces tattooed on their bodies.
  2. Dee's aspirations to be an actress inspire her to create several characters, all of which are based on ethnic stereotypes.
  3. When Mac mentions Dee's boyfriend, the gang is shocked she is dating Ben.

That was super fun because it was so different than what I normally get to do. We never want to do it just to do it. This is often described through innuendo and Charlie himself seems unaware of the implications of what he's singing. End the relationahip, dating judaism say they had sex on some sort of insane premise like a dare. My grand aunt and uncle were step siblings in a Brady Bunch kind of situation.

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They've been married for a few years. Want to add to the discussion? The most common theme in Charlie's songs, after the Nightman itself, is the Dayman. Newer Post Older Post Home. At one point even doing karate across the stage when he's cast as the Nightman in Charlie's musical.

Emotion doesn't travel well through text so forgive me for taking that the wrong way then, it's a fairly common mistake. She falls down a hill and stumbles away, still refusing Ben's help. Especially background people. Pretty much any time I get to be ridiculous, or any time I get to be drunk.

However, Frank decides to pose as a doctor instead in an attempt to seduce Caylee himself. Please do not include spoilers in the title of your posts, be as vague as possible. Probably the happiest couple I've met. Frank is suppose to pose as a carny that Dee flirts with to make Ben jealous.

What first altered me to the possible parallel between Uncle Jack and the Nightman other than the obvious was Jack's infatuation with his small hands. Charlie and Dennis tell her he is playing her by using similar methods that Dennis uses on women. She has led herself to believe he is playing her and tries to leave the forest without his help. And she actually has a lot of fun and finds out Charlie and her are great together behind all the stalking. On the most recent episode, Charlie mentioned that him and Dee have started smoking together and hanging out together much to the surprise to the rest of The Gang.

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