How to hook up a telephone line, how to hook up a second phone line

How to Connect an Arris Cable Modem to a Phone Line
How to Wire a Telephone 12 Steps - wikiHow

Since the wire is visible, you may not want to install individual runs of wire from each jack to the demarcation point. Locate the Network Interface Device box on the outside of your house. We recommend drilling a hole with a downward angle towards the outside. Lastly, double check for dial tones at each outlet while you're working on it. If those colors are not available, sites replace the wiring.

Ensure that all connections are secure. Use standard flush-mounted baseboard or wall jacks, since they fit a standard electrical outlet box. If you hear it, dial your primary number. The wire colors coming out of the wall are green, orange, brown and blue.

At this point, you're free to make a call or set up your landline phone based on its manual. If the line still dose not work, it is a phone company problem. The yellow and black wires will now be carrying the second line, place best while the red and green will carry the primary line. You could use a multimeter.

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Connecting to the telephone company demark is a simple process, it is nothing more than a screw terminal connection. Plug in the telephone that you are sure is good directly into the demark and check the line. Plug a telephone wire into the telephone jack.

If your new jack is going to be located several feet from the old one, you should also buy fasteners that are made for keeping the wire in place along walls and baseboards. Color Code One is the old solid color code. Not used in new installations anymore. Tips If the telephone company has not done maintenance on your home phone line for several years, you may have an older phone box that preceded the Network Interface Device.

How to Connect an Arris Cable Modem to a Phone Line

How do I hook up my new phone line to the phone company's box outside? Disconnect them all and hook up only one of them, take your good phone and test your phone jacks to see which one works. Repeat this process hooking up only one at a time until you find out which one is causing the problem.

In addition to the rights described in this Warranty, Purchaser may also have other legal rights which may vary province to province. If the phone line does not seem to be working, you may need to unscrew the new jack and make sure the wires are connected to the proper places and correctly screwed in. No Replacement Battery has any new or separate warranty coverage.

Loosen the screws on the back of the new jack, and affix the red, green, yellow, and black wires in their correct color-coded places. This is just a safety precaution, as it will disconnect the power flowing from the phone company line. There are only a few things you will need to know. You should not attempt to use that wire.

Standard Telephone Wiring Color Code

Use a screwdriver to loosen the screws, unsecure the four wires from behind them, and pull the old jack from the wall. Click here to share your story. You will also need to decide what type of phone jack will be used in the installation, surface or flush mount. As necessary, trim damage from the old wires and strip the insulation from the tips.

Choose a spot for the new phone jack. If it has four gold pins it can be used for a single line phone or a two line phone. If you already have a telephone jack in your house, skip this step.

How to Hook Up a Second Phone Line
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Do it yourself home telephone wiring

Check cable locations before putting in fence posts, planting a tree, or excavating for a pool, deck or a new addition. While most phone companies will perform this task for you, it is often cheaper to complete the installation yourself. Wiring options Since the wire is visible, dating you may not want to install individual runs of wire from each jack to the demarcation point. Place the new screws in the screw holes and use a screwdriver to secure the new jack to the wall. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

How to install telephone wiring myself

How to Install a Residential Telephone Jack (with Pictures)

Secure the wires by tightening each screw. With a soldering iron and some solder would be the most reliable option. Make sure you also include the right type of wire in your installation plans.

You will need to look closely at the modular connector on the end of the cord. We'll also go over adding a line to a room that currently doesn't have a phone jack, so you will be able to pick and choose where you want the second line to be located. Visible wiring tips Two or three-pair wire can be used for visible installations.

The information provided is general installation advice. For example, if your old jack is a standard rectangular wall plate, it will be easiest to install a new jack that looks very similar. You may have to call the company and request that they activate your phone line before you can use your landline.

They not charge you to fix their outside lines, but you will have to make sure and tell them the your inside lines were already checked. Plan your wiring installation. Tell your phone company that you will be doing the wiring inside your home. If you only have one pair of wires connected at the demark and have multiple phone jacks, you have a splice point inside the house.

  • Loosen the screws that secure the red, green, yellow and black telephone wires.
  • Head to your local hardware store and pick up a dual phone jack plate.
  • If you don't have a telephone jack and cable installed in your house, follow the steps in the linked article.
  • If there are more, you would be well advised to ask your phone company to send out a technician.

Plan Your Installation

  1. Connect the wires that come from each jack location to the wire distribution device that's located near the demarcation jack.
  2. However, if your phone were to ring while you were working on a connected wire, the voltage would increase and could be dangerous.
  3. The plugs look just like the phone jack that you plug your phone into inside of your house.
  4. If the line works than the problem in on the inside of your house.
  5. As long as you use the same colors on both ends, it doesn't matter.
  6. Tell them that you want a second line added to your account.

How to Hook Up a Second Phone Line

They will usually come to your home and replace the older box with an updated box at no cost to you. Is this article up to date? Decide where you want to install jacks to plug in phones or other equipment, such as modems, televisions or fax machines.

The pair of screw posts will contain one red screw and one green screw. Open it and unplug the modular connector next to the screw terminals that your phone lines are connected to. Cookies make wikiHow better. Then, re-install the faceplate to the wall. In our ongoing efforts to improve our support section, your opinion is invaluable.

Heat can cause wire to become brittle and break. For each house and desired location this will differ. The white and orange wires are now obsolete. If so, just plug the free end of the cable into an electrical outlet.

How to install telephone wiring myself Plan your wiring installation
How to Connect a Home Phone to a Cable Router

Do it yourself home telephone wiring

Color Code Two is the new industry standard used today

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