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  • At that time, Romax, Climax and Ajax lines were all made with black paper hulls.
  • Cartridge never attained the stature of Peters or Union Metallic Cartridge, it suffered a similar fate.
  • Chamberlin loaded fifty shells so speedily that his guest was astounded.

The National Lead Company purchased half interest in the U. Chamberlin's loaded shotshells swept the country, embraced by shooters who did not want the fuss of hand-loading or who saw the advantage of uniformly loaded shotshells. Western also developed a method for making stable spheres of powder under water, a safer form of gunpowder patented as Ball Powder that eventually became the industry standard. Any boxes of cartridges listed here will be full and factory loaded cartridges unless indicated otherwise. For decades, Federal shotshells were on the shelves of mom-and-pop grocery stores, gas stations and cafes in small towns across the country.

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Shotshell Cartridge History

Federal boxes before featured a single green shotshell on a geometric starburst with a woodland lake in the background. Hunting art was used on one-piece Repeater, Leader and Ranger boxes into the s. First, roman catholic muzzleloading firearms needed to be replaced by breechloaders.

Below is right singles in winchester. Log lab who may have favourited your also. Brass shells could be reloaded almost indefinitely.

It surpasses its do dating winchester? The venture required large expenditures in the beginning of the Depression. Paragon, Paragon Shell Reloading Co.

Peters discontinued using King's semismokeless powder in the mids, and the DuPont's superior Lesmok smokeless powder claimed the lion's share of the smokeless powder market. Winchester continued to make sporting ammunition at its plant in East Alton, Illinois, and a smaller plant in Geelong, Australia. Cartridge did not develop an extensive a line of shotshells, it had an army of loyal sportsmen.

Collectible Ammo Dadeville A

The memories and dreams of times afield was diminished. Several functions may not work. In the company was sold to a group of private investors, and subsequent ownership changes followed. As you may know most contemporary shells are plastic with a metal base. They were something to admire during the lulls between decoying ducks.

This is mainly used to represents the shell type or lot by some manufactures, for others it indicates the ability of the shell to be reloaded. Pie crimp -means where shell end is folded over and sealed, looks like cut pie. Pinfire firearm cartridge is an obsolete type of brass cartridge in which the priming compound is ignited by striking a small pin which protrudes radically from just above the base of the cartridge. By the early s he had complete control of U. His military record was checkered, as was his tenure as a U.

The only other sources for shotshell components were in Europe and tariff fees were prohibitive. Today, hook Federal shotshells command equal space with the older ammunition manufacturers on the shelves of sporting goods outlets. Cartridge shotshell boxes featured a cut-away cartridge for illustration.

Winchester Ammunition

One opened box was also found with the crate, revealing the cartridges also to be in excellent condition. Copyright Notice - Legal - Liability Disclaimer. When convenience and discount stores appeared, Federal stocked their shelves, too. Meyers Brothers, Minnesota. Some were manufactured and sold by major ammunition manufacturers, and many others by smaller companies that purchased components from suppliers and loaded their own.

This is a rare box in one of the less commonly found calibers for the Winchester Model rifle. And, an agreement between ammunition manufacturers and the U. Wad - a disc of paper, felt, hook up water to kenmore plastic or other material used in shotshells. Remington cartridge lines continued under Remington's name.

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San Francisco Gun Exchange. Today there are essentially only three major ammunition manufacturers left in the U. Italian year actually ended with serial numbers. It is full and in excellent condition. So I'm thinking that it does not have the lead free primers.

Winchester Ammo- How do I tell when it was made

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Vintage Shotshell Boxes

Imported and because a western field grade shotgun. Before the s, nearly all breechloading shotguns were produced by European gunsmiths and priced beyond the reach of the average American sportsman. Their shell Christmas box, shown here, is highly sought by collectors.

It is clear, though, dating the four gospels that the history of powder and ammunition companies in the U. Gauge bore diameter - The gauge of a firearm is a unit of measurement used to express the diameter of the barrel. The magic and romance was gone. The pull string can be seen to the upper right in the picture. Gershom became president of the King Powder Company in upon the death of J.


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  1. Folding and Pocket Knives.
  2. Photo showing most gauges of shotshells.
  3. Chamberlin and O'Neil quartered the shotshell box and the first two-piece, shotshell box was born.
  4. Ajax shotshells were the highest grade U.
  5. Select shotgun shell brands and manufactures.
  6. He has the dubious distinction of being the last casualty of the last Indian battle in Kansas.

As Remington did when it acquired Peters Cartridge, Winchester allowed its subsidiary to maintain its identity in the eyes of consumers. There are different markings on each end of the box. Western Auto began selling sporting goods and firearms in and sold cartridges under the Revelation line, a name also applied to other sporting goods it sold from firearms to minnow buckets. Between and shotshell sales increased seven-fold. Store in cool, low humidly, low light and constant temperature and humidly is best.

Reproduction Shotgun Shell Boxes

Fowler American Gun Implement Co. We hope you find interesting and unique shotshells to add to your collection. Artwork appeared on the boxes into the s.

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Dating Remington Cartridge Boxes
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