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Ghostbusters, Who you gonna call? We'll scuttle the story and run her aground. We have the supreme weapons! You will neveh see herw again!

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99. Charlie The Unicorn

Fun Facts about the 80s - Back in the Eighties

The songs of the Fleetwood Mac guitarist always exuded a youthful, homespun charm, as he stacked his clean, busy guitar picking and boyish vocals into giddy, nostalgic shuffles. Politically, in the first part of the decade, Cold War tensions continued to escalate. Can't get your computer to work? In a world dominated by the two poles of hardened cynicism and corrupt smarminess, it can be difficult to locate yourself emotionally in day-to-day life. Take a turn here on Steven J.


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The Bronze Age of Comic Books ends here. Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe. Nearby, a lamp with Kay's name on the lampshade is seen. Better than a mango, even! So that's what happened to him!

Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? Before anyone forms any kind of opinion on North Korea, important things to they should be required to watch this video. It's miles away from the struggles the singer would face later in her career. Santa's going to whimper like a whipped pup.

This would be his last commercial chart hit, what is almost willfully. Men in Black International. The Eighties also had the highest murder rate in U.

We hired you and we can fire you, so get your hairy butt out here! Look, diabetes is no joke. And that bowl cut video was really something. Craigis's house, Sherman looks up at the giant antenna on the roof. Because of the hideous conditions in jails, prisons are like tombs and inmates are like ghoulish creatures.

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Popular tropes from this time period include

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You come away rooting for Collins to get it together! It ended up becoming so popular that it was parodied in an episode of South Park. All stops lead to a bloody death. Then it's Yanni with SnoreMaster of Trafalgamar.

The best part is that she's totally fine, so you don't have to feel bad for laughing! It's unclear if Fieri himself has seen himself putting away oversized sandwiches, et. He would become a Robin in the s.

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At the start of the video clip, U. Trump has a long record as a provocateur on matters of race and ethnicity. King of the Hill when Luanne's mother is using Bill to buy what she wants. Because nobody can David Draiman like David Draiman.

  • It only gets crazier from there, pushing Washington into Chuck Norris-esque territory.
  • Tracy and Jenna attempt to get soup for the sick crew, forget, and go shopping together instead.
  • You guys aren't famous anymore.
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But in this singular Madden recap, radiocarbon dating animation the narrator is so compelling that he gifted the world a treasure trove of quotable material. It can happen in any city to any person. Cameron that he'd inject Petro with Cameron's werewolf serum. And it doesn't take an hour and a half to sing a song.

80s dating montage quotes

Remember that it's an alternate form of the world we know. Catapulted to internet fame, Sullivan would go on to nab a People's Choice Award, as well as plaudits from other popular comedians of the period, including Andy Samberg and Margaret Cho. Make them laugh like we did then. Towque, you ah to leave the poweh station and intewcept the gwoup that appwoaches us.

  1. That Midas of pop music, Giorgio Moroder, had his golden fingers all over this track, so it should surprise no one that its English and French versions topped the charts all over Europe that year.
  2. They may be gone, but they float on in posterity.
  3. The Kermit the frogs old office room!
  4. And nobody's happier about it than Old Timer Billy Slater.


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It was produced by funk fusionist George Duke, the man who brought the keytar to jazz, like a whoopee cushion at a political symposium. Jersey Shore Family Vacation. Trump also said that tribal gaming operators were somehow tied to organized crime and a scandal was about to erupt. Market data provided by Interactive Data. Lanny Poffo Mad Man Pondo.

Part of YouTube's power lies in its ability to strip away context. The accompanying album for this Molly Ringwald vehicle was filled with tunes by cult Brit faves like New Order and the Smiths. What the heck are you doing! Don't look now, but he's gonna take a bite!

The more bizarre, the better. Every time the mirror spins, Anne-Marie has on a different outfit. Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt Hamsters. Conway's office for an appointment. Gunnar Stansson does a one-note misogynistic riff that ends on a graphic description of a few different sex acts.

Most long runners from previous decades persist here. His kingdom is Flavortown, his culture is not your goddamn prom dress. The sleeper hit of the Footloose soundtrack, it took No.

Regardless, it certainly doesn't capture the look or the feel of the time. Joel holds a pair of wire cutters and prepares to snip a wire. Look, look look at my crotch. Joel and the Bots pretend to be voices in Glen's head. The video is surprisingly dark, depicting office work as dystopian slavery.

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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon does this with alarming frequency, even for a shoujo tokusatsu. He ended up creating a series of gibberish-filled videos that have entertained and confused millions. What does one do with fame no one's willing to pay for? Trump was also required to advertise vacancies in press outlets serving minority communities.

The montage also show problems with Hank and Luanne. Montage of vigorous dance training and butt shaking ready to go? The Purple Rain soundtrack was thought to be complete, but the director needed a power ballad to lay over a montage of domestic discord. Please make your quotes accurate.

Of course, that wouldn't mean anything to you, mo mcrae dating either. What do the Eagles and krautrock have in common? Han-guk Manhwa Aenimeisyeon. No names were changed because no one was innocent.

What looks like a serene savannah tableau quickly changes, as a dramatic fight for survival breaks out between a herd of Cape buffalo, a pride of lions, and a crocodile. Lawrence and ultimately embarking on a midlife crisis that resulted in a worrying beard and Tin Machine. Thinking of your sweet face, and the way you sing. Besides, the segments make great joke fodder.

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